[ba] Re: OT: cellphones in the US

tnas at euronet.nl tnas at euronet.nl
Thu Apr 29 17:11:17 EDT 2004

Thanks for the hook-up, Steve...

Yes, the US seems to be converting to GSM, but not to the 900/1800 
frequency Europe uses. It's 1900, and only the tri-band 'phones here can 
use that frequency. I'm looking for a cheap used tri-band GSM here, if I 
can't find it I'll buy a prepay 'phone over there. I might actually do that 
anyway, to give it to my parents when they visit the US in '05.

As far as a get-together is concerned- I'd love that! A sort of Audifest 
reunion would be great, I'd love to meet everyone and talk Audi... or 
anything else. I'm bringing my brother, who's inherited my madness and  
drives a 1985 CGT quattro.

I'm looking forward to this!

Regards, Tom

PS I'm arriving at LAX around 9PM on Sat, May 8th and will be leaving from 
LAX early on Sat, May 15th. 

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