[ba] NAC: Want to buy a bike... Need some guidance

Michael Williams mike at borderlinemotorsports.com
Thu Aug 5 23:03:49 EDT 2004

So, Im about to buy a bike.  I've pretty much got the money i want to spend 
(2000-2500 or so on the bike + money for safety gear).  It will be my first 
bike.  I've been told that a 92-94 Honda F2 would be a great way to go, but 
im having a hard time finding any...

I'd like to get something that looks good, but fits in my budget (or less 
expensive, if possible), has power, but isnt a crazy-ass race-bike that 
will have me killing myself in the next two weeks.  I'd like to go with a 
sports-oriented bike (hence the F2, heh)...

If anyone has one for sale, (im not absolutely obsessed about the criteria 
that i've listed above, mainly i'd like one that handles extremely well, 
and stops well... the power is not nearly as important... looks are not a 
huge motivating factor in the end either, as long as the handling/braking 
are there).

So, if anyone knows of a bike for sale, or some good websites for local 
dealerships, etc (other than craig's list), then i'd love to hear from ya.



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