[ba] RE: [urq] Anyone in San Jose want to get together for a beer?

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Tue Dec 7 19:33:44 EST 2004

I just got a call from Justin ... he is here now and getting ready for
his test tomorrow.  His test is at Cisco, which is pretty close to where
I am at First and Tasman in San Jose,  I was thinking we'd simply buzz
up to McCarthy Ranch (237 and 880) and go to "On the Border" for a
couple beers ... if anyone is available please feel free to stop by!
Justin will be done around 5PM ... we should be there and set no later
than 6 ... 

I *wish* I'll be driving the urq ... but more likely than not I'll be on
2 wheels as usual ... although with this rainy weather ... 

Steve B
San Jose, CA [USA]
> I am here now...Just have to study tonight, then take the BIG TEST
> tomorrow...I should be done (Or at least cooked) by 5:00
> -  I will probably try to call you this evening.
> -Justin R.

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