[ba] cracked oil pan on A4 2.8L

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 17:55:44 EST 2004

thanks for the responses all. heather will get the oil
pan back when she picks up the car tomorrow. this also
ensure they aren't pocketing money and just changing a
leaky gasket. i told her to just let it leak (my sho
leaks more with it's worn gasket). she loves her car

the shop is german auto service in alameda, cathey
seem alright. lots of ferraris and porsches in there.
i think they are more into older euro cars than modern
machines. but, i've seen some TT 993 porsches in there
from time to time. a boardmember recommended wolfsport
in berkeley. we should try them next.

great tip on seeing if it cracked near the drainplug.
she usually goes to the chevron near our house for oil
changes. who knows what they do to cars when you
aren't looking ;-)

see ya,

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