[ba] V8 salvaged Parts source in Bay Area.

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Wed Jan 21 20:10:03 EST 2004

Hey there Dan!

... Wolfsport is German Auto Salvage ... I'm pretty sure the number you got
is a good one.  It so happens I know the place fairly well, and I don't
think Walter gets much in the way of high end cars like the V8 ... but hey,
it can't hurt to check!  The places I'd go for V8 parts are DADS,
AudiConnection and Force5 ... most have already been mentioned.  Given the
specific part you're looking for you might even want to call Steve Nechodom
at Karmechanix (sp?) 510-548-4494 is the number I have ... given his biz he
might just have one lying around.  I also understand that 2Bennett has
dabbled in V8s ... 

If you completely strike out let me know ... it so happens that I have a set
of PT heads in addition to the disembodied PT in the garage, so I think I
have the part you need.  I'd rather keep them all complete, but if you
*really* need one ...

Steve B
San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
> Hey guys, recent threads pointed out a shop that used to be 
> wolfsport in
> Bezerkley.  I need an obscure bearing cap for the right head on my 90
> V8.  It sits between the distributor cap and the head and 
> fits over the
> chains and both cams on the right side.  Apparently the part 
> can only be
> attained through the dealer along with the head!! UGGhhhhh!   I am
> pretty sure I can get a used on off a wrecked one.  If anyone can help
> it would be appreciated.
> Bye the way I broke it off trying to put the distributor cap 
> back on.. I
> remember tightening up the bolt and hearing a pop.. started it up and
> pretty soon the oil was leaking all over the header...
> I have an email to Bruce at Audiconnection.com, but it never hurts to
> get another price.  TIA

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