[ba] 5000 TQ exhaust manifold question

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Wed Jul 7 20:13:34 EDT 2004

Jerry, the 2-piece manifolds do crack, BTDT plenty of times.  Your  best bet 
is to get your stock manifold welded and planed flat.  Also  replace both 
motor mounts, and ensure all downpipe and exh. supports are in  place, you should 
be fine for a while.
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Carrera916 at comcast.net writes:


It's my first post (I think!) after being a lurker on this  site for so
long!   I've got a crack on the weld-repaired single  piece exhaust
manifold and was thinking of switching to two piece  manifold.  After
talking to a guy at the "4 used Audi parts", I was  told that the two
pieces do crack and they have "refinished" single piece  exhaust manifold
in stock for $350!

My question for anyone who have  experienced in working with the
two-piece manifold engine, do these crack?  I thought Audi had came up
with a solution to solve the one piece manifold  problems..no? I need
some ideas what to do before I decide to have it  re-weld by this Friday

Any one out there got something good to  sell as a good replacement for
my cracked  one?



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