[ba] looking for early 80's exhaust system

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Tue Jun 1 11:22:25 EDT 2004

I just had 2 new cats, a Flowmaster, and a tip custom built for my Range
Rover for $450.00.  I could have gone with a 3" system, but to keep the
cost down he re used some of the original piping which was in good
shape, and since the exhaust manifolds are not any bigger it didn't make
sense to open the system up when it would still be restricted up near
the engine.  PS the he quoted me $550.00 for the complete 3 inch with 2
new cats and a tip.
All American Muffler on Middlefield in Redwood City ask for Jose.

Dan Hamren 

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audion at serversmiths.com writes:
> I'm looking for a cat and a cat-back exhaust system for my 82 Coupe. 
> Thought I'd post to see if any list members have something hanging 
> around in the garage or perhaps a lead on a source.
> Since the car is 22 years old I'd prefer to find something used but 
> would welcome tips/advice on new systems too.

If you're looking for a canned aftermarket "kit", there wasn't any.
However any competent muffler shop should be able to make you
a custom one by fabbing the pipes and installing the mufflers
of your choice.  You can replace your stock cat with a higher
flow version offered by Techtonics.  Just look for the high flow
unit designed for the early VW Rabbit/Scirocco cars.

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