[ba] tweaking the Bosch CIS, is possible?

no1of consequence iin10ded at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 2 13:53:26 EDT 2004

when i got my 88 90q it had a TAP ecu chip in it. i pulled it out and did 
notice a SLIGHT decrease in punchiness and revvyness [very scientific 
evaluation, i know.. =]


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>Subject: [ba] tweaking the Bosch CIS, is possible?
>Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:52:56 -0700
>Say Guys,
>Is there any type of "chipping" or whatever available for the early 80's 
>CIS injection? From memory I'm thinking that these are pretty rudimentary 
>systems and that the chipping stuff didn't get started until later in the 
>evolution of fuel injection.
>If that's not possible is there anything to be had from a K&N filter and a 
>larger capacity exhaust system or am I just kidding myself?
>Thanks for any tips/advice.
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