[ba] hi-output coil?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Jun 17 16:30:45 EDT 2004

Yes, understood with your analogy about the Ducati, coils often can make an improvement.  BUT, as you recognize, not every application is the same.  IME, the stock coil is more than enough, but heck, for $30-50 you could "upgrade" it to something else, worth a shot, and see if you can actually feel any difference.

I'd be interested to know what you find out.


>On Thursday, June 17, 2004, at 12:05 PM, JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
>> FWIW, the stock Audi turbo coils are VERY good, you'll be hard pressed 
>> to find another that has the same output or resistance to saturation.  
>> If its the Bosch style cannister coil, I doubt you'll be able to gain 
>> much there either.  The standard MSD $30 coil isn't an upgrade IMO.  
>> Also, unless you're running really heavy boost or revving to 8k+ RPM, 
>> then you've got more than enough coil IMO.
>It's just a stock 'ol coil from 1982 on the original Coupe (probably a 
>Bosch). My thinking was based on the idea that the Ducati motors do 
>make good power and obviously the coils were spec'd out to produce that 
>power but when a beefier set of coils is put in place there is a slight 
>but very noticeable improvement in running and power. It was a nice 
>$150, 2 hour install on my bike and I was looking for a similar 
>cheap&easy upgrade for my Coupe. Maybe the stocker is good enough.
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