[ba] any interest in an 88 90Q parts gold mine?

no1of consequence iin10ded at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 20 19:23:45 EDT 2004

hey all,

im testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in my 88 90 for parts. 
i smacked up the drivers front and the car is not driveable but rollls. 
would need a bit to be driveable but has TONS of recent work. i spent 
several months fixing just about everything.. and before i start pulling 
parts i figured id ask if anyone was interested in taking the whole thing as 
a parts car.

pics at: www.pbase.com/thejimrose/stuff

rough list of recent work:

really nice black leather interior, ALL new vaccum , isv connectors and 
hoses [$$$$ from audi] brandd new driveshaft [cv's, CSB and balanced] new RR 
caliper, all new brembo rotors, SS lines, mintex redbox pads, all new 
rebuilt PS hoses, brand new 110a ultranator, new used starter [~yr old], 4 
brand new boges, all new strut mounts, 3 year-old control arms.. and on and 
on and on..

not to mention 1 useable brand new eurolight [top clips broken but could be 
fixed with epoxy]. black tinted hella euro tailights, nothelle steering 
wheel, jamex strut brace, 15x7 5 spoke wheels from a cab [look like urs4 

the motor has 200k but makes 180-185 across all 5 and doesnt leak or use 
anything.  t/belt + h20 pump are ~20k old. runs like a CHAMP. im sure im 
forgetting stuff..

anyway it doesnt run an d would need to be towed. im also moving this 
weekend and need the car gone by the end of the month. i could roll it out 
to the street and leave it parked for a little while but not long.  the car 
has been down for about 6 monthsd getting all this work done so ther parts 
really are all brand new.

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