[ba] 5000 TQ exhaust manifold question

J. McCarthy Carrera916 Carrera916 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 30 14:30:56 EDT 2004

It's my first post (I think!) after being a lurker on this site for so
long!   I've got a crack on the weld-repaired single piece exhaust
manifold and was thinking of switching to two piece manifold.  After
talking to a guy at the "4 used Audi parts", I was told that the two
pieces do crack and they have "refinished" single piece exhaust manifold
in stock for $350!
My question for anyone who have experienced in working with the
two-piece manifold engine, do these crack? I thought Audi had came up
with a solution to solve the one piece manifold problems..no? I need
some ideas what to do before I decide to have it re-weld by this Friday
Any one out there got something good to sell as a good replacement for
my cracked one?

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