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Mihir Mohanty mihir at securestep.net
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Thanks for your response.

Yes the radio is same model. And I don't see the "SAFE" sign. that's exactly
the problem.

 I've not been able to confirm if the radio is bad because now it's my word
against his word. Is there any way to find out if the radio is bad. I don't
trust the result of putting this in my car because there may be something
wrong in the elctrical circuits upstream from the radio.

Any ideas!

Thanks again,

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Mihir Mohanty writes:
> I've a problem with the Radio (Gamma Model) in my 1993 AUDI 100CS.
> The original radio died few years ago. The replacement radio, which was
> in by the dealer costing $300, has also died. Now I'm not in a position to
> go to the dealer and fork out another $300. So I bought a working radio on
> the ebay.
> But when I put the radio I don't even see the first sign of life(supposed
> display something !!). The fuse in the back of the radio is good.

The "working" radio is the same model, right?

The power should at least come on and light up the display, and
display "SAFE".  You then need to enter the security code to unlock it.

Any chance that you bought a defective radio?  ebay can be a great
place to find things, but there are also some very shady people there.
You should try working with the seller to return it.

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