[ba] Re: [s-cars] 80tq: 20v Project Update, 415whp, 12.25, etc

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 13:48:42 EST 2004


our baySHO taurus SHO club had a dyno day at ATP. all
the cars that were on the level of javad's were, of
course, broken. gotta love ford ;-)

great place though. maybe not enough ventilation
inside the shop for the dyno.

you guys should do a bay area audi dyno day. i know we
had lots of fun and you get to learn a lot about your
car. especially if it's not running right.

i think Su quoted us $50 for 3 pulls, 5 minutes
between pulls.

see ya,
--- JShadzi at aol.com wrote:

> Hey Dave, thanks for kind words about the project.
> It wasn't my intention (directly) to assert that
> anyone specific person (or group) are purposely
> posting inflated #'s, but I will say that it is
> commonly accepted that "SAE Corrected" dyno figures
> are notoriously inflated for boosted turbo motors at
> elevation.  The higher you get, the more boost you
> run, the more inflated they are.
> I won't name any names, but at one point in the
> past, a "400whp" car from out west came to the ATP
> dyno where I run my car and barely could make
> 340whp, a significant drop in the dyno figure.
> I believe you when you say your car feels faster at
> lower elevation, my assertion is that the
> "corrected" dyno figures at elevation are inflated
> and not accurate for heavily boosted motors.
> If you haven't already, check for uncorrected
> figures, Jim Green has always been good about
> posting corrected and uncorrected figures, I believe
> this is a reasonable way to quote dyno figures at
> elevation.
> Thanks,
> Javad
> >Javad,
> >That sounds great, and looks good too.  But I must
> ask... are you implying 
> >that us high altitude folks in Colorado are posting
> inflated numbers, since 
> >we're being corrected to stp?  Hmmm... maybe we'll
> all have to trek to a sea level 
> >dyno.  I'm not sure (as a percentage) what our
> losses are at 5k+ ft, but it 
> >is substantial.  I drove my car to the SEMA show in
> Vegas to taste some lower 
> >elevations (about 2000 ft), and the difference was
> amazing.  The boost 
> >threshold came down about 5-600rpm, and the car had
> front wheelspin in 2nd.  I don't 
> >get that in Denver.
> >
> >Anyway... great looking effort... and great times.
>  Don't know if we'll be 
> >able to compete with the timeslips in a 2 ton
> cruise missile.  But the urq is 
> >next in line...if that 5 speed holds together,
> maybe it'll go that quick.
> >Take care, and happy tuning,
> >Dave in CO
> >
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