[ba] 80tq: Dyno Update

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Sat Nov 13 00:41:13 EST 2004

Ok, we're making more progress, Dyno room temperature  was 72F, no correction 

Hit the rollers today with the 7A cams  and boost uncorked. 

455 wheel HP, 403 TQ 


The last time I hit the dyno she did 393whp, with nothing changed today,  the 
first run netted an almost identical chart and 395whp. Ok, good, we were  
baselined at 25psi. 

>From there, I just kept turning up the boost, boost  settled at 28.5psi, 
pretty much uncorked as the turbo would begin to loose boost  closer to redline, 
it was down to 25psi (as you can see in the chart, it  wouldn't hold the boost 
all the way). 

I also turned the coil dwell up  from 3.5MS to 3.9MS which solved a bad miss 
that was showing up above 400whp.  

We took her for a drive afterwards, the car is pretty insane, it makes  31psi 
out on the road, and freely spins the tires when boost hits in 3rd at  5krpm, 
4th is like being shot out of a cannon, 140mph comes in the blink of an  eye. 
I've really got to get more tire under this car. Second gear is useless,  
when the revlimiter hits at 7500rpm the stock tach is only registering  6500rpm.

I'll have her out at Sears Point Monday and Tues next week, if  you're in the 
area come out and say hi. I'll try to get some video  too.

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