[ba] HELP! - odd sound coming from 1997 A4

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 17:10:13 EDT 2004

hi all,

this is actually my wife's car. it's a 1997 audi A4 V6
quattro with a 5 speed auto tranny.

lately, it has been making a whining sound. according
to my wife, it comes and goes. usually happens when
the car gets hot, although that might just be a

the sound is akin to the high pitch whine you get when
you are listening to AM radio with bad reception. make

obviously the the radio is off. we also turned off the
AC. the car has 132,000 miles on it. i'm fearing it's
the beginning of the end for the tranny, but what do i
know? the auto also sometimes makes a slight jerk when
downshifting, coming to a stop. according to the
bentley service manual, the tranny does not need to be
flushed, but how can that be right?

should we do this, or is it too late? is this sound
even related to the tranny? WHAT IS THIS SOUND?!


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