[ba] Kal's lunch Next Week???

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Oct 11 20:25:17 EDT 2004

... so it sounds as though I'll get to hook up with you after all!
Cool!  It looks like I will not be on the motorcycle for once ... a
co-worker has a supercharged Vette ... he's been wanting to take me for
a ride in it for a while now ... 

I'm on call for jury duty next week, but I think I'll see if I can't get
V8 #1 legal for the road again and drive it to work ... whatever day
y'all decide to go.  Monday and Wednesday work best for me next week,
but I can probably swing Tuesday or Thursday too ... and early is best
for me ... say 11:30 @ Kal's ...

So ... what about the trip to Laguna-Seca on Friday night?  I'm not sure
I'll be able to say I'm there for sure right now, but for what they are
saying will happen it seems hard to pass up!  Anyone else planning to

Steve B
> Yea, me too ;)
> Javad
> In a message dated 10/11/2004 6:59:42 PM Eastern Daylight 
> Time, Matt twentyV <matt_20v at yahoo.com> writes:
> >Funny, I knew about the downtown thing but spaced out.

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