[ba] Test Only Smog Check Stations ...

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Wed Sep 8 14:09:35 EDT 2004

I had to take my car to a "test only" smog station to be able to get the
registration renewed.  It is a bit of a PITA to find them, so I thought I'd
pass along the place I found in case any one else needs this done.  In fact
I liked this place well enough I very well may take all cars in need of a
test to this place.  

Unfortunately I don't remember the actual name of the business ... but it is
very easy to find.  It is in a gas station at the intersection of Moorpark
and Winchester ... right down the street from Valley Fair ... and literally
at the Winchester Blvd offramp from southbound I-280.  The gas station is
located on the south-east corner of the intersection.  The place is open 7
days a week and has two test bays.  I think I was lucky because I drove up
when there was noone there, so they had me roll right up to the test bay.
When I initially checked the place out they told me they took appointments,
but when I called to make one the guy that answered the phone said to just
drive up as they do first come, first served.  We did have a bit of a
problem with the engine RPM sensing ... the tech tried to hook something up
to the battery (?!) ... too bad he didn't ask so I could take the cover off
the engine that hides the spark plug wires!  This is the way we ended up
going, but he had to reset his analyzer ... 

The plus is that there is a $10 off coupon in the Yellow Page book for this
place.  It doesn't bring the test back to the $30 range we used to have to
pay, but with certificate the total was around $70.  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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