[ba] 80tq: June 2005 update, 532 wheel HP, 125mph trapspeed, etc. [Long]

jshadzi at aol.com jshadzi at aol.com
Mon Jun 6 00:20:57 EDT 2005

Hey all, been a while for an update on 80tq.  The project is still 
going strong and I've been having fun with the car, still running the 
034EFI T3/T61 hybrid turbo, the last time it was on the rollers at ATP 
(Dynojet) it laid down 516whp while running out of fuel pump (outlined 
in my last post).  I fixed the fuel pump problem with dual parallel 
fuelpumps, but unfortunately ATP closed their dyno to the public, and 
though I've been invited to use it privately, its been very tough to 
get in to use it.


So I took the car to a local place called GruppeS, they have a Mustang 
4-wheel eddy currenty dyno which locally, is purported to read 10-15% 
lower than a Dynojet, and I've confirmed this (insert dyno # figure 
standardization warnings and disclaimers here).  The problem with the 
ATP dyno closing wasn't so much that it read higher or lower, but the 
fact that I've been dynoing this car in different configurations there 
for almost 4 years now, and i've lost the ability to compare one mod to 
the other directly...anyhoo.  Well, on the Mustang with about 34psi 
boost it laid down 532whp (at all four wheels), a new record for their 
dyno (neato as they regularily dyno Supra's and other heavily 
turbocharged Japanese cars).

Check out the dynochart here:  

Obvously tough to accurately extrapolate true crankshaft figures from 
these wheel #'s, but I estimate that this current state of tune is 
quite similar to many of the IMSA 20v states of tune in the Audi MS 
cars of yesteryear.

Some additinal notes from the dyno run:

-Before the dyno run I threw in some new Iridium plugs from NGK, the 
Irridium IX BKR6EIX, these cost about $15 each. From the start we 
experienced a bad miss as boost came on, car was running flawlessly 
before that. After messing with tuning for about an hour on the dyno, I 
finally came to the conclusion that it was the plugs - I had a set of 
the FDP50R's do the same exactly thing once.

We pulled the plugs and put in some $2 NGK copper plugs, and wala, no 
more miss and consistent 500+whp pulls, one after the other. From now 
on I'll be using nothing but the Bosch F6DTC, just a plain 7A 20v plug, 
run beautifully and the best performer I've tested to date.

-Even running the turbo past the overspin line, air temps, even on the 
dyno, never passed a 10d increase over off boost. A typical run would 
see air temps going from about 35C to about 45C max, this with about a 
20mph fan blowing on the front end. The car has noticeably more power 
on the road, and slips even the best clutch SPEC could make me, 4th and 
5th slip relentlessly above 25psi boost, which is a real bummer as 
those are the gears where the motor could really run. The motor gets 
real hot on the dyno, for example the intake manifold was about 130C, a 
fan on top of it cooled it to about 105C, but the dyno is the last 
place a motor likes to make power. Out on the road intake temps drop 
noticeably and needs a little fine tuning of the fuel to get it tight 

-I'm considering multi-plate clutch setups that will hold up to 
1kFt'lbs or more, Tilton and Quarter Master both said that they don't 
believe there is a single plate clutch on the market in this size that 
will hold this power, expecially considering the amazing traction of 
the quattro system. I'll likely be putting in a multi-plate setup 
because even though this car is brutally fast with a slipping clutch, 
it would be even faster and a shame. After that, we may begin blowing 
up tranny's, but I'll deal with that when the time comes. The current 
custom SPEC clutch slips above 30psi on the road, but hold fine to even 
speed shifts into 3rd gear wtih 20+psi boost (and yes, teh stock 130HP 
01A tranny is still holding up fine, the original the car came with in 

-I'm not sure what the next step is, T70 (a real T70 from the Garrett T 
Series) would be the next logical step for higher output, the motor 
doesn't flinch at even the current power levels, tuning is rock solid 
the cleanly pulls one run after the other, its very satisfying. I'm 
sure 600whp is right there, my estimate is that at the ATP dyno I'd be 
putting down around 570whp, but that is yet to be verified. So I need 
to decide if I want to keep pushing it and show that these components 
will do, or tune it to a lower spec and just enjoy the car. Pics of the 
current turbo setup:  
http://www.motorgeek.com/phpBB2/download.php?id=1411  and  

-034EFI Intake manifold - I'll be baselining our new IM in the next 
week or two, I'll baseline it wtih the AAN TB and then with a larger TB 
to see what the differences are, I want these products to be proven and 
plan to show that every step of the way. The TB will be located to the 
drivers side of the motor, etc.

-034EFI Stage IIc Engine Management - is how I tune this thing, at this 
sort of power level fuel adjustments can be as fine as a 1% change and 
timing adjustments in 1/4 degree steps (for example, .5 degrees in the 
right direction can net as much as 20-30HP when you are playing with 
700HP crank).  Running our custom coils (1 coil per cylinder), I can 
ramp up coil dwell under boost to over 8 milliseconds, combustion 
literally won't happen with less than 5 milliseconds at these boost and 
power levels, it takes a mightly powerful spark to keep 300hp/l boiling.

-034EFI 20v Production Header - was a part of this dyno test, power and 
response are very similar to the prototype unit I've been running, its 
help up well to the abuse and can obviously peform. 034EFI downpipe and 
full custom 3" exhaust with Borla turbo muffler as well.


Took the crew up to Sears Point a couple weeks ago for a little drag 
racing, all in all a good time, but dissapointing as I only got 2 runs 
in the 80 with the relatively new T61 setup and 500whp tune.

Run 1 was a practice run, I was hoping to get a lot more runs so I 
didn't launch the car, just rolled off the line and rolled into 1st, 
gentle shifting the rest of the way, etc, just wanted to warm the car 
up and get a feel for the track. This resulted in a 13.3 @ 120.34mph, 
2.59 sec 60'. Car ran great, no miss, pulls like a rocket in 3rd and 
4th gear (as usual   )

Sat in line for about 45mins for run #2, by now the bracket racing had 
started so I dialed in 12.2, if I broke 12 I'd get kicked out for not 
having sub 12 sec saftey devices, so I figure 12.2 would be safe and 
give me some more runs to practice the launch.

See her here: http://www.034efi.com/SearsDR052505_1.avi

For run 2 I actually launched the car, clutch slippage from 4500rpm but 
I let the clutch out a little early and there was a slight bog before 
boost hit. Hardly an ideal launch, 60' of 2.34 sec, I speed shifted in 
all gears (you can hear a massive back-fire off the revlimiter at the 
top of 3rd), no clutch slippage (I think its really starting to break 
in now), peak boost of 29psi, and yes, what I believe was wheel spin in 
4th even (as the car was a real handful just to keep straight). The 
result was a measly 12.35 @ 124.59, and because I redlighted by .03 
sec, I lost the run and no more drags for me

See run #2 here (VIDEOS!!): http://www.034efi.com/SearsDR052505_2.avi

The good news, the car is blindingly fast (it feels really good to go 
 from 90-125mph in the span of about 3.5 seconds =) With the right 
launch (say 60' of 1.6-7 seconds), it will easily be in the 12's, and 
if I can leave the line with launch control activated, maybe even 
faster? We'll see. Its all about the launch at this point to get in the 
11's or even lower, the car clearly has the HP as the trapspeeds 

The plan is to go back when the schedule permits, the car is right on 
the line of needing some NHRA required goodies to really run it hard 
and consistently (roll cage, etc)

Beauty was that we were going to tow the car to the track, but the tow 
vehicle overheated so we had to drive the 80 to the track, just pulled 
it right on the track and raced, no preperation or changes of any sort, 
just ran it like we brung it

I'll keep ya'll posted on the next outing and future tuning, thanks for 

Feel free to post any questions or comments, I'm not currently 
subscribed to be sure to cc me in your response.


Javad Shadzi
'88 Audi 80 Turbo Quattro

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