[ba] 80tq: June 2005 update, 532 wheel HP, 125mph trapspeed, etc. [Long]

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 Hey M, yea, this is the first time I've play'd with Denso plugs, from what I've read the real "gain" is in the quality of the electrode, that it lasts a very long time, I think some of the manufacturers also "imply" that there is a hotter spark created and that there is an "actual" performance gain, but the real advantage of Irridium is its hardness and ability to withstand the torturous environment of the combustion chamber.
I believe the copper plug provides the most powerful spark with the sacrifice of reliability, for example I change plugs in the 80tq these days about every 500 miles, they don't hold up well at all, but their ability to fire the a/f at 34psi is the best I've tested.
And for the ride, just come on by, bring a diaper or an absorbent seat cover  ;)
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Hi Javad, 
Looks like you're having lotsa fun with the big HP. 
Just a comment on the above. I sell and use the Irridium plugs along with Magnecor wires in a coil upgrade kit I make for Ducati 2V motors. Under road conditions I think the Irridium do return a good value but under your conditions I think you probably exceeded their ability to make things better and found weaknesses. There are a lot of guys running heavy HP Ducs who run into the same kinds of things, lower or the same performance on a Dyno when guys on the street claim they get better performance etc. Under steady state conditions (smoothly rising RPM etc.) I think a lot of the benefits of some of the newer technologies are lost. When run on the street where things are changing constantly the benefits show up. 
I only comment because it is easy for someone to read your comments and extrapolate that stock plugs are better than a purported higher performance plug because that was what happened in your case. 
Okay, last question; 
How do I get a ride in the damn car? ;-). 
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