[ba] 80tq Update: 516 wheel hp, 450 wheel TQ

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 10:48:28 EST 2005

Hey Javad, you better get some tires under that thing
before Laguna Seca!!
--- JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
> Hello everyone, its been a while since my last post
> Nov 2004, just an update for any of you that are
> interested in this ongoing project.
> The latest since the 455wheel HP run last fall is a
> bigger 034EFI T3/T62 turbo with flow for about 700HP
> at a PR of over 3.2.  We hit the rollers earlier
> this week, the result was 516whp and 450.6 wheel TQ.
>  Boost comes on at 5krpm and hits with an ungodly
> force all the way to 7500rpm (depending on where the
> revlimiter is).  Acceleration is mindboggling, in
> 4th and 5th is slips the SPEC Stage 3 mercilessly,
> so a clutch upgrade will be in the future.
> The Dyno Plot, no corrections at sea level, ATP Dyno
> where all my dyno plots are done (for consistency):
> http://www.034efi.com/516whpDyno.jpg
> The power is courtesey of an 034EFI T3/T61 turbo
> with large .82 AR turbine housing.  Still running a
> 3" DP and exhaust with 3" Borla muffler, still
> running stock 3B IM and throttle body (yes, no
> Porsche logos here).
> Turbine Shot of Turbo:
> Compressor Shot of Turbo:
> http://www.80tq.com/images/20vt/034EFI_T3_T61.jpg
> 516whp Dyno Run Video:
> http://www.034efi.com/516whp.avi 
> I also found the limit of the largest of the
> external CIS pumps, the CIS3 pump (as fit in the
> 80/90 B3 quattro).  At full boost pressure (30psi),
> fuel presure would peak and then begin to drop
> rapidly, causing the lean condition towards redline
> (that you can see on the dyno chart).  Since I'm
> already running only 3 BAR fuel pressure (no point
> in turning up the pressure, lowering it with larger
> injectors could be an option if higher pressures
> were being run) with #75 injectors. I will be adding
> a second pump in parallel to alleviate the
> condition.  I'll also be using a high flow
> aftermarket fuel filter, but you can gather the
> stock Bosch fuel filter is good for at least 600HP
> assuming its not the restricting factor.  
> Anyhoo, see the fuel pressure drop here!:
> http://www.034efi.com/FuelPressureDrop.avi 
> Some things we now know pretty well:
> -CIS3 fuel pump good to about 475whp running 3BAR.
> -SPEC Stage 3 holds up to about 425whp (rated at 550
> crank HP).
> -205 series RA1's on a 2900lb quattro with about 600
> crank HP provide absolutely no traction in any gear.
> -3B intake manifold and throttle body, unmodified,
> can support well over 500 wheel HP, with no power
> drop past 7krpm.
> -Being able to tune your fuel, ignition, coil dwell
> times, etc, etc is essential for making power at
> these levels (ie: 034EFI Stage IIc ECU)
> -Eagle connecting rods support well over 500whp, as
> well as the stock Audi block with 83mm JE pistons
> and ARP head, rod and main studs.  Copper headgasket
> with 0-ringed block seems totally unstressed by this
> sort of power.
> -Bosch copper 7A plugs handily take the abuse of
> almost 300HP/Liter, so do the stock 7A plug wires.
> -75lb injectors running 40psi base pressure run at
> almost 95% duty cycle at 516whp, aggrivated by
> dropping fuel pressure.
> -About how Hans Stuck felt accelerating in an S1.
> -Lastly, I5 20v's flat out, unabatedly kick ass.
> Future plans are to add a second CIS3 fuel pump and
> go back, I anticipate another 30-50whp just by
> correcting the a/f ratio with the proper amount of
> fuel.  3-5 more PSI boost should bring output close
> if not past 600whp.
> More about the car at:
> http://www.80tq.com/20vtMotor.html
> All for now, comments and jeers welcome as always.
> Thanks!
> Javad Shadzi
> www.80tq.com
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