[ba] Re: 80tq Update: 516 wheel hp, 450 wheel TQ

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Mar 3 18:58:07 EST 2005

Hey Eric

>Any plans to try to build some torque at lower rpm's? Is there a twin turbo
>or something in your future?

No, those were in the past =)  See:  http://www.80tq.com/images/20vt/80tq_455whp.jpg

In order to make this much specific power out of a 2.3l motor, the only way to achive this is to move the powerband up.

Again, I want to empasize^3 that this is a demonstration of peak power, not low end driveability...

>I have been keeping an Excel file where I put a bunch of dyno charts on the
>same graph. It appears that you have lost roughly 170 ft-lb of torque at
>4500 rpm compared to where you were in 8/2003 and the curves for your
>3/1/2005 setup and you 8/2003 setup do not cross until near 5300 rpm.  Then
>things get very interesting with your latest setup.

Yes, we have traded for tremendous top end power as you can tell.

>Is this car able to serve well as a daily driver? 

No, unless your idea of "accelerating through traffic" involves 100+mph whenever you hit boost.  This is a race car motor, not lugging around in traffic.

>Seriously, how well does
>it do in "normal" traffic? I know it benefits from being a bit lighter than
>my larger quattro's since it is an 80tq, but it really does not have much
>torque at low rpm's. I have many days where I have few opportunities to
>exceed 4000 rpms very often.

It doesn't do well in traffic, I'm not using the car to commute, its an experiment.  However, should one decide to, this would decimate any car on the street in a twitch of felony.

>Is anyone interested in putting my Excel file up on a web site so more
>people can see it? I really do not want to send it to 500 different people.

Yes, send them to me.

>My Excel file is a collection of dyno curves I scaled off of the original
>charts as various people have posted results. I have used no corrections
>and I have not made any attempt to adjust anyone's data based on elevation
>or dyno type. I was just curious how things generally looked relative to
>torque peaks and the like. You could argue that dyno curve for different
>dynos in different locations do not belong on the same graph, but I still
>find it an interesting look at the data presented to our community over the

Very cool!

>Anyway, Javad, keep up the good work!

Will do!  Look forward to more mind bending, "peaky" power from this experiment.


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