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I totally agree.  It's neat to get data points like this, i.e. waaay outside
the normal limits :)


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  Hey Calvin,

  I do believe this to be an accurate measurement of Torque and HP, granted
there is the whole "dyno accuracy to flywheel extrapolation" issue, but that
withstanding, this is an accurate measurement of TQ to HP.

  The reality is that there is just no way to force this much air through a
2.3l motor at low RPM.  There are realities that dictate what the power band
will look like, realistically this motor needs solid lifters, cams and a
redline of 9krpm.

  This isn't an attempt to build a real streetable, torquey motor, this is
an experiment in pushing limits.  If and when the time comes that I get
really serious about "driving" this car, I will put back in the 034EFI HO
hybrid and make this power curve:

  Also, don't be deceived by how much power this motor is really making, 300
HP and TQ at 5100rpm, the power increases dramatically and makes the rest of
the curve look small, but calculate the sheer amount of power under this
curve, and its easy to understand how blisteringly fast this car is, even
with a low redline of 7500rpm.  A shift out of 500 wheel HP puts you back
into 300+ wheel HP, even with the stock gearing.

  Regardless, I want to emphasize that this isn't a project for TQ and low
rpm street driving, I hope to continue to push the limits of how much air
can be forced through this motor.


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    Well this is definitely pretty impressive but I am wondering if that
    really depicts reality, i.e. 2 times as much torque at 5600 rpm vs. 4700
    and a "redline" of 7500 then you would need a tight ratio tranny to take
    advantage of all of it and you would be doing alot of shifting.  This
    like the perfect engine to mate to a CVT.  Cruise at 3300 rpm on the
    and when the throttle gets mashed spin to 5600 rpm and just hold it
    while the tranny adjusts the gearing.  That would be pretty exciting!

    Also, I am wondering if you have done any comparisons with the other
high HP
    cars around here that aren't quite as "peaky" but also don't put out as
    peak power power, is the area under the curve approximately the same
    3500 rpm on?

    Definitely the highest numbers I have seen from an I-5 without factory
    backing, as far as peaks go.



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