[ba] Howdy, 5ktq cooling questions

Brian Devlin nilvednairb at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 16:14:26 EST 2005

I haven't been on this list for a couple years but my
5ktq is still kickin. Just turned 220,000 yesterday.
Here's a few questions I've saved up:

1. Should the cooling fan ever run on stage 1 without
the AC running? I think it should, but mine doesn't.
Running around with just stage 2 last summer led to
some boiling after shut-off, and many small
leaks...which brings me to question 2.

2. What controls the electric coolant pump? It has
continuity but I haven't heard it run in a long time.

3. Did you know that the coolant line to the turbo are
stainless steel? I wish I knew that before I tried to
replace the rubber sections yesterday. Silver solder
didn't work at all, gas welding was horrible, brazing
barely worked. I guess the real question is- what kind
of fittings are at the turbo end of the pipe, and can
I buy them in this country?

4. Anybody got a couple 5-spoke A4 wheels laying
around? They look nice on a 5000.

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