[ba] Howdy, 5ktq cooling questions

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 9 04:24:48 EST 2005

> 1. Should the cooling fan ever run on stage 1 without
> the AC running? I think it should, but mine doesn't.
> Running around with just stage 2 last summer led to
> some boiling after shut-off, and many small
> leaks...which brings me to question 2.

... I'm not 100% sure of the definitions of the stages ... but I'm thinking 
stage 1 is what is used when cooling the engine down when it is shut down 
hot. It has been a long time ... but ISTR that the switch which is used to 
enable stage one is in the bottom of the radiator.  I also STR that there's 
a module in the relay box which conmtrols this mode.  I can dig out the 
Bentley and refresh the neurons if you don't get help from someone who has 
BTDT more recently ...
> 2. What controls the electric coolant pump? It has
> continuity but I haven't heard it run in a long time.

... another sign of the same issue ... the rad fan on stage one should also 
engage the aux coolant pump.
> 3. Did you know that the coolant line to the turbo are
> stainless steel? I wish I knew that before I tried to
> replace the rubber sections yesterday. Silver solder
> didn't work at all, gas welding was horrible, brazing
> barely worked. I guess the real question is- what kind
> of fittings are at the turbo end of the pipe, and can
> I buy them in this country?

... all I did was to slip a length of silicone hose over the two metal ends 
and use conventional hose clamps ... You're talking about that short length 
of hose up near the rad hose fitting, right?
> 4. Anybody got a couple 5-spoke A4 wheels laying
> around? They look nice on a 5000.

... I thought I saw a set of the A8 versions posted on the audifans 
marketplace recently ... That 's what I've got on my Avant ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA) 

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