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jshadzi at aol.com jshadzi at aol.com
Sun Nov 27 13:26:26 EST 2005

Hey Steve, sorry for the self plug, but I'd love to be able to help out 
local Audifanners with competetive prices and good service, we're not 
advertising it yet, but we have a full line of OEM parts sources 
including the Audi OEM and Worldpack, and we'll be happy to beat prices 
if there is any profit left to do so  (parts wholesale pricing can vary 
greatly, sometimes there is no way to beat another price and still make 
any profit).

Feel free to call or email for any requests, we're in Fremont or we'll 
be happy to ship.


Javad Shadzi
408-910-5289 - cell
510-657-6707 - shop
contact at 034motorsport.com

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    While getting the car ready for a short holiday trip I found one of 
the rear
calipers was leaking.  Boy, I miss Didi!

I managed to line up a rebuilt through my BiL's store, but I thought 
I'd check
to see if anyone here had any local OEM sources.  To add insult to 
injury, it is
looking as though thepartsconnection is out of business as well ...

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
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