[ba] Local A4Q Possibly For Sale ...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Fri Sep 9 00:38:39 EDT 2005

There's a guy at work who has an A4Q ... early 2000s model ... V6 ... 
Tip-automatic ... that he told me today he is looking to sell.  He is 
looking to find someone who reallyt wants to take it over as a project ... 
why, you ask?  Well, this is the one with the PES supercharger and he's 
installed 6-pot front brakes I've mentioned to some around here before.  He 
did most, if not all of the work himself.  He was telling me today that the 
car is running pretty well since the timing belt was done ... I think the 
mileage is less than 100K.  I get the feeling he's really trying to convince 
me to buy it ... but I've got too many projects already ... and I don't want 
to have to scramble to get it smogged all the time ...

If anyone is interested let me know ... and I'll take it to him to see what 
he's looking to get for the car.

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA) 

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