[ba] Need To Find South Bay Audi Service Provider ...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 10 23:11:32 EST 2006

... I had the clutch get weird on V8 #2 yesterday ... it has been making 
some odd sounds for a while now, but as I was drivning it yesterday the 
clutch feel changed ... by the time I got home last night the only way to 
get the car into 1st or reverse from a stop was to shut the engine down, 
engage the gear and start the engine back up again.  This is very 
frustrating because I did the clutch about a year and a half ago ... because 
this was the best running car in the pack ... and because I just don't have 
time to do the work (nor do I have room in the garage to do the work.

So, I thought I'd post up here for recent BTDT on some of the local folks 
... I'm thinking about going to Brasil Auto as it is the closest.  Does 
anyone have any recent BTDT with them?  It has been the betterr part of 10 
years since I've had any of my cars to any shop.  M&M used to be the other 
south bay Audi shop ... I've heard =ZERO= about them lately too ... anyone 
know if they are still around?  Any new folks down in the south bay who 
would be interested in pulling an engine and figuring out what's up with the 
clutch on a '91 V8Q 5-speed?  I'm hoping that it is just the pilot bearing 
that has lost lube ... but given that I was feeling diffrences in the pedal 
I'm worried there may be something more serious ...

Thanks for any info!

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA) 

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