[ba] Need To Find South Bay Audi Service Provider ...

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Dec 11 09:10:22 EST 2006

urq writes:
> ... 
> So, I thought I'd post up here for recent BTDT on some of the local folks 
> ... I'm thinking about going to Brasil Auto as it is the closest.  Does 
> anyone have any recent BTDT with them?  It has been the betterr part of 10 
> years since I've had any of my cars to any shop.  M&M used to be the other 
> south bay Audi shop ... I've heard =ZERO= about them lately too ... anyone 
> know if they are still around?

Ditto here... I want to have the timing belt replaced on my S4 biturbo,
and also have an occasional front end groaning noise looked at.  On a
simpler engine I would have tried tackling the t-belt myself but on this
beast I think I'd leave it to a pro.

Any recommendations would be appreciated, particularly a local shop/tech
who is familiar with B5 S4 biturbos.

Thanks in advance,

Ti Kan
Sunnyvale, CA
vorsprung durch technik

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