[ba] Need To Find South Bay Audi Service Provider ...

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 11 11:21:04 EST 2006

I've used M&M recently, they replaced a torn CV boot
on my '00 S4.  They've seen the S4 quite a bit,
unfortunately.  I've had a lot of stuff break and
always at a bad time when I can't afford the time to
fix it myself (the torn CV boot was found Sunday
before T-giving and we planned to take the car to
Tahoe on Wed.- they fixed it on Tuesday.) They are
top-notch, good work and usually in/out the same day. 
But their prices are also top-notch.  They see a lot
of newer Audi's, and try to provide a dealer-like
level of service, but at near-dealer level prices.  
As for Brasil, he just moved his shop, I think it is
on San Fernando.  I haven't seen the new shop,
hopefully there is more room now.  I like John and he
has done a lot of work for me in the past.  I haven't
talked to him in a year or 2, but suspect his service
is about the same- good work, reasonable price but
always takes longer than you'd like.  The shop is just
him and one assistant, and he is often at the auctions
looking for cars he can fix up and resell.  He knows
older audi's very well but doesn't have much skill
with diagnostics on newer ones (I used Vag-com to help
him diagnose a no-start new beetle).  One plus is that
he is quite happy to let you provide parts, whereas at
M&M that is a no-no.
So for the clutch replacement, I'd take it to Brasil
if I can afford a few down days, but the S4 t-belt I'd
take to M&M.
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--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:

> urq writes:
> > ... 
> > So, I thought I'd post up here for recent BTDT on
> some of the local folks 
> > ... I'm thinking about going to Brasil Auto as it
> is the closest.  Does 
> > anyone have any recent BTDT with them?  It has
> been the betterr part of 10 
> > years since I've had any of my cars to any shop. 
> M&M used to be the other 
> > south bay Audi shop ... I've heard =ZERO= about
> them lately too ... anyone 
> > know if they are still around?
> Ditto here... I want to have the timing belt
> replaced on my S4 biturbo,
> and also have an occasional front end groaning noise
> looked at.  On a
> simpler engine I would have tried tackling the
> t-belt myself but on this
> beast I think I'd leave it to a pro.
> Any recommendations would be appreciated,
> particularly a local shop/tech
> who is familiar with B5 S4 biturbos.
> Thanks in advance,
> -Ti
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> Ti Kan
> Sunnyvale, CA
> vorsprung durch technik
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