[ba] Bay Area AudiNaut Get2Gether - 1/7/07

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 16:51:30 EST 2006


You probably don't know me but we share something in common…

I and a fellow enthusiast have been feeling the pangs of a distinct lack of
gearheadism in our households. We, like many of you, have suffered the
'distant stare' and the 'dramatic sighs' of our disinterested wives /
girlfriends / lovers / partners / etc for too long now. We need to spend
some quality time with like minds. So let's give these poor stewards of the
checkbook a break and car-geek-out in proper fashion, shall we?

*An Audi [others welcome, no auto-racism here] gathering. We meet up, take a
short cruise on a nice road and then regroup for lunch, and Audi-geek chit
chat and [hopefully] impromptu car show. At the very least it's an excuse to
do a winter detail job and get a burger. *

*The operative word here is CRUISE as we don't want to attract negative
attention and would like to have this be a more regular thing. A nice, chill
Sunday drive for a mature crew of gearheads. Thanks. *

*January 7 – Please RSVP so we can get an idea how many are coming. Nothing
binding mind, just want a temp check. *

*Cruise – the boat sets sail at 10am sharp so let's meet up at 930. Will
take about an hour and be back for lunch by 11 at Alice's and hang out for a
couple of hours. Lunch won't be organized, but Alice's has good food. Who
says motorcyclists get to have all the fun?! *

*Intersection of 92 and Canada Road in San Mateo. This is basically where 92
hits 280. From SF take the 92E exit off of 101, wind around and you'll run
right into us. From parts east take 92W [need some direction help here] From
the south take 280N to 92W and we're right there. HINT: Look for a bunch of


Again this is nothing fancy or formal but I haven't been to a g2g in a
loooong time so Mike and I thought it was about time. Look forward to seeing
/ meeting folks out there. Hit me up with any questions. If folks could ping
me or MIchael if they intend to come that would be great - nothing binding
we just want to get an idea of how many to expect.


Jim - thejimrose at gmail.com [iin10ded on the forums]

Michael - cuisinere at yahoo.com [a4cuisine on the forums]

PS – We hope were not dancing on any toes. No club affiliation, but feel
free to ping me and I'd love to include any interested.

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