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Fri Jan 20 06:32:35 EST 2006

I got a lot of reply's on my body shop request.  Thank you much.  I really
appreciate it.  For those of you who asked, the car was T-boned.  No one was
hurt.  The high/drunk guy was doing about 60-70 MPH down a neighborhood
street around east 14th and 34th in oakland.  S4 came to a stop at a stop
sign.  My sister was driving the S4 saw him coming, hit the gas to go around
the corner and he thought it would be cool to run up on the sidewalk with
his car, cut the corner and STILL hit her.  He hit the S4 from just behind
the rear wheel well all the way to the front fender.  After making contact
with the S4 he hit the gas to push the S4 out of the way and make a get
away.  He was driving a 1970's or early 1980's Olds/Buick/Pontiac boat.  My
sister was able to get the plate number.

Thank you again,


Bay Area, CA
Eastern WA State

PARTING:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5
PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro

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