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Mon May 1 18:26:45 EDT 2006

was new either ... the "L" models with the 5 valve head technology have =
held their value much better ... because they were popular when they =
were new.  I'm sure there are a lot of factors, but from what I see that =
may be a significant one ...

I think there's an A8 list on audifans ... you could certainly check the =
archives there or post up for BTDT ... and I know there are a few A8 =
owners on the V8 list.  There have been a few V8Q owners who have moved =
on to the A8 ... interestingly enough from what I've seen a good =
percentage of them actually preferred the overall experience with the =
V8Q. =20

Don't back off just because of the resale value ... do some research for =
yourself to make your own decision on the car ... and if you decide to =
go for it you can pat yourself on the back for how frugal you are. =20

It is funny, I sometimes give some of the other neighborhood dad's a =
ride home after we take our kids to school ... and I often get comments =
about how nice a car the V8 is ... and these guys drive BMWs and Hondas =
much newer than my 15 year old car. =20

Steve B
San Jos=E9, CA (USA)
> i think theyre known to be very unreliable and prone to all manner of
> electronic pathology. not to mention that if you dent it, there are =
> about 15 shops the US that are equipped to repair aluminum bodied =
> >
> >Any insight as to why I always see 6-7 year old A8s in seemingly =
> >condition going for less than $10k?  Doesn't seem right considering =
> >they cost new.  I'd love to have one, but something is crazy with =

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