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Thu May 11 19:35:59 EDT 2006

one thing to note, i THINK that there are 15 or so Audi approved body shops
to fix the A8.  But, what about Rovers?  I bet that there are a lot
"approved" shops for these rigs meaning why could they not fix an A8?  In
terms of reliability, I have looked at several A8s in the past and found the
ones to buy is the "series 2" A8s.  I think they were released in 2000
(maybe 2001).  The major update being a new transmission.  I have "heard"
these series 2 A8s are much more reliable then the original A8.


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> Funny, those same comments (all but the Al body repair) have been quoted of
> Audis for about as long as I've owned one ... which will soon be 30 years ...
> It is surprising to see this sort of comment from an audifan ...
> From my point of view, the reason is that the A8 wasn't popular when it was
> new either ... the "L" models with the 5 valve head technology have held their
> value much better ... because they were popular when they were new.  I'm sure
> there are a lot of factors, but from what I see that may be a significant one
> ...
> I think there's an A8 list on audifans ... you could certainly check the
> archives there or post up for BTDT ... and I know there are a few A8 owners on
> the V8 list.  There have been a few V8Q owners who have moved on to the A8 ...
> interestingly enough from what I've seen a good percentage of them actually
> preferred the overall experience with the V8Q.
> Don't back off just because of the resale value ... do some research for
> yourself to make your own decision on the car ... and if you decide to go for
> it you can pat yourself on the back for how frugal you are.
> It is funny, I sometimes give some of the other neighborhood dad's a ride home
> after we take our kids to school ... and I often get comments about how nice a
> car the V8 is ... and these guys drive BMWs and Hondas much newer than my 15
> year old car.  
> Steve B
> San José, CA (USA)
>> i think theyre known to be very unreliable and prone to all manner of
>> electronic pathology. not to mention that if you dent it, there are only
>> about 15 shops the US that are equipped to repair aluminum bodied cars.
>>> Any insight as to why I always see 6-7 year old A8s in seemingly great
>>> condition going for less than $10k?  Doesn't seem right considering what
>>> they cost new.  I'd love to have one, but something is crazy with this!

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