[ba] recs for best Audi sleeper the last 10 years?

Michael Heth classic_coupe at serversmiths.com
Wed Nov 1 11:20:16 EST 2006

Say Folks,

I'm entertaining the idea of a new(er) Audi, something between 1995  
and maybe 2002. Anyone have any recommendations for something that  
was unappreciated and is maybe a great buy because of it.

Are the S4 a lot more maintenance due to the higher performance? or  
just the same as an A4?

I like the Allroads but a friend had one and said he had ongoing  
small issues and didn't buy out the lease due to that. But if in  
general the Allroads are known to be as good as the other models I  
would lean towards one of those.

Any and all advice/tips/info is appreciated.



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