[ba] recs for best Audi sleeper the last 10 years?

George sidman at webloq.com
Wed Nov 1 12:54:43 EST 2006

Gents:     In 15 years I put 306,000 miles on my '91 200 Avant and loved
almost every minute of it.  I have a recently purchased '01 allroad and view
it as a young quarterhorse - the Avant as an aging Arabian.  I have had no
issues with the allroad at 62,000 miles except I have decided I prefer the
stick shift, and am not that much charmed by the Tiptronic. An associate has
a new 6 speed S4 and it is a very spirited and solid driver. My Avant is for
sale, and if eBay doesn't work I intend to overhaul it and drive it for fun.

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