[ba] My trusty old '91 200Q

John Audi-Fans at BackYardEngineering.com
Tue Apr 3 12:31:18 EDT 2007

If you are looking for a "new" Diesel, you can bring a used 48 state Diesel into
California. Used is defined as 7500 miles...

More comments inline...


Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> ... don't get me started on "hybrids" ... I suppose if your driving matches
> the strong points of the hybrid it is OK ... but it bugs me that people have
> gotten in their minds that hybrids run on anything other than fossil fuels
> ... my brother in law just bought a Camry Hybrid ... sorry, I don't see it.
> OK, off the soap box ...

I agree! I wouldn't even consider the cost & complexity (not to mention the
potential environmental nightmare of the batteries) of a hybrid unless I was
doing a lot of in town commuting. Even then, public transit (if it exists) would
be more environmentally conscience. ;-)  On the highway there are plenty of cars
that get as good or better fuel mileage. Even California finally figured that
out & stopped the diamond lane passes for hybrids...

> One interesting alternative is a TDI ... there's a lady here at work who
> drives a Jetta TDI, and it works very well for her needs.  Lately it seems
> like Diesel fuel has not shot up as high as gasoline.  Of course if you want
> to be true green you can consider bio-diesel.

Add another vote here :-D  My daughter's boyfriend has a Jetta TDI, stock it got
>45 MPG on the highway on #2 oil, and slightly less on veggie oil. After it was
chipped (something like 275 #' torque!), it "only" gets in the low 40's on #2
oil. My nephew's '85 300D even manages over 20 MPG screaming down I5 on veggie

> I too have been contemplating a new (or newer) car ... but for now I will
> satisfy myself that I'm continuing to do my part by using the motorcycle as a
> year-round commute vehicle, and knowing I'm cranking a few dozen KW-HRs to
> the grid on sunny days ...
> I'm waiting for true alternate fueled vehicles ... hey, a Tesla'd look good
> in the driveway!  :-)  You do know that CNG-powered cars get a free carpool
> lane sticker, right?  There are also hydrogen fueled cars ... not sure when
> they'll be real though.  Shoot, I'd almost rate a flex-fueled car higher in
> terms of Eco-friendliness over a "hybrid" ...

The Tesla is based on the Lotus... great looking car. If the price comes down,
that's an electric even I would consider. ;-)

I'd consider converting to E85, but the closest station is in San Diego. Guess
that's a fad that will never catch on...

> I've got an idea for you Arun ... convert your 200Q to electric!  :-)  There
> can't be that many electric AWD cars out there!  :-)
> Good luck with your decision!
> Steve B
> San José, CA (USA)
>> What with gas prices the way they are, and my own new-found environmental
>> consciousness, I'm contemplating replacing my 200Q (now with just a tad
>> over 200K on the clock) with one of them new-fangled hybrids. Too bad there
>> isn't an Audi, or even VW, that fills the bill ...
>> Needless to say, I'm not exactly cock-a-hoop with joy about driving a 
>> dish-cloth around (although I have to confess that a mid-sized popular 
>> sedan made by a large Japanese company is actually quite nice). Besides, my
>> 15-year-old son is quite bummed: he's quite looking forward to driving that
>> car starting next month.
>> Anyone care to offer arguments to dissuade me?  The 200Q looks great, and
>> runs essentially perfectly, but I can't get more than about 21 mpg if I
>> drive .. ahem .. normally.  Besides, I suspect I'll have to fight emissions
>> battles again next year, and I find that replacement parts are already
>> getting hard to get.
>> Aargh.

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