[ba] Remus Exhausts for Audis from Austria

Michael Heth classic_coupe at serversmiths.com
Thu Dec 20 11:56:07 PST 2007

Say Folks,

First point - this posting was approved by Dan Simoles.

I'm on the list because I have an old 82 Coupe.

But I have a motorcycle parts site where I sell kits and upgrades for  
a somewhat rare Ducati/Cagiva bike. One of the things I sell is the  
Remus exhaust systems. I'm expanding my site to sell all of the Remus  
line for all bikes. The Remus importer is also now bringing in the  
new Remus exhausts for autos. I asked him if he is okay with me  
offering the units to the local Audi owners and he is (we have a good  

So I am making an "end of year" type special offer to the BA list,  
with a discount of 15% off the early 2007 retail prices (set when the  
Euro was $1.30 per USD, it is now $1.44-$1.48).

I can also sell a unit through a special Ebay BIN transaction where I  
can offer 3-6 month no interest payments through Paypal, (note: your  
credit must be good enough to pass one of those online credit  
applications). On those the discount is 10% (Ebay eats another 8% so  
it's actually a cheaper deal than the cash offer above). But if it  
helps a lister get a really nice exhaust for his ride, I'm happy to  
do it.

So that is the idea;

help the importer move some end of year product (the motorcycle  
business is down this year industry-wide),

give the BA listers a decent deal on a really nice product,

get those Audi enthusiasts out there talking about the great Remus  

Audi products take up 8 pages in their auto product catalog and they  
have exhausts for most Audis from about 1990 onwards. They don't  
publish any HP charts in the auto catalog but in the motorcycle  
catalog they do and we get a 3-5 HP increase on bikes with 900 CC  
engines (about 70 HP from the factory) and on the big BMWs they get a  
nice 12 HP bolt-on bump.

They have taken their state of the art expertise and applied it to  
all of the desirable auto makes (sorry, no Remus for your Chevy). One  
of the really nice points of their approach is they make any mods to  
the gear that will be required to get the units to fit. On  
motorcycles they make purpose built adapters and on the auto gear  
they form flat spots on the canisters and mufflers so you don't have to.

All stainless steel construction. Full Lifetime Warranty.

The importer has already received a price increase from Remus for  
2008 and along with the freight increases/Euro headlock on the USD  
he'll be raising the US retail 15% (or possibly more) in January, so  
this could net out to a 25-30% discount off the Jan 08 pricing.

The importer will drop ship units, no pickup required. I am a legit  
business and so there is sales tax.

I have the PDFs from the catalog and will be happy to email them to  
you. If you want the whole catalog you could have that but it is a  
40M download.

Feel free to email me direct with questions or if the list prefers,  
things could be discussed on the list.

Have a Happy Holiday!


Michael Heth

If you are not familiar with Remus check out their site


they are the largest top end exhaust producer in motorcycling.  
Everything is made in Austria and everything is of the highest  

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