[ba] [urq] MC-2 Conversion - Anyone Need WX Bits?

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sat Oct 13 23:56:00 PDT 2007

I doubt that there's anything left that anyone might want, but I thought I'd
toss it out just in case.

I am not planning on keeping the engine block from the WX engine that we
removed from the car.  I will have the exhaust manifold, which is the
original from the car that never cracked but was resurfaced to replanarize
it.  The head on the car is an early 5kT which apparently had some breathing
work done to it ... but may be cracked, as the water got into the cylinders
somehow.  I also have the original WX head from my car that I did have
worked on as I was planning to install it on the motor originally.  The
oil-cooled K26 I got from Audidudi which I was told was extrude honed.  I'll
be pulling out the WX engine wiring harness ... who knows what all.  Not all
of this would be available for free, but if there's something you think you
need let me know ... especially if you want the engine block.  Chances are
that I'll put together a list of the things I have that I will no longer
need and post their availability.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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