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Steven B urq222 at ymail.com
Fri Aug 29 10:21:39 PDT 2008

I got in touch with Sia Bani via LinkedIn and the NorCal Audi group there.  I had lunch with Sia and Wallace Chane [at St John's on Lawrence near Arques ... I'd never turn down an opportunity for a burger there!].  They are working on a driver's ed program for improving skills for younger drivers here in California ... something I certainly support and would love to see succeed ... but we also talked a bit about the NorCal Audi club.  I've been a member there ... subscribed to the list ... for quite some time, but they seemed to be about as dead as this group is ;-)  Sia and Wallace are working to put together regular trips to the various kart tracks in the area, along with some other events for Audi fans.  Even though the group is called "NorCal" right now it really is for the SF Bay Area, but they do have a desire to expand to all of Northern California.  I told them that I would love to see this and would pass the word along to this group.  They said
 that they were very interested in ensuring the owners of all Audis ... old and new ... felt welcome and had things to do ... 

I'd suspect that there are a good number of folks here on the LinkedIn system ... if you're interested you can look up the NorCal Audi group there and join.  Funny, LinkedIn started a message forum that works in groups today ... not sure how that is going to work out.  

Who knows how long it will take for Sia and Wallace's vision for the NorCal Audi group to be realized, but it might not be a bad idea to join the NorCal Audi group if you're not already a member.  They have an e-mail system to send out notices of events and such ... 

.... speaking of lunch ... we haven't done Kals for a while ... anyone up to meet there next week, say Thursday?  

Steve B
San Jsoe, CA (USA)


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