[ba] Where Do Local Audi Fans "Hang Out"?

marc dietrich audinut2 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 21 15:40:57 PST 2008

Good to know that there are 51 of us still listed. I understand that Breakfast in Aptos on Saturday is still going on Tony Lum told me they met last weekend and do so on a somewhat regular basis.
  I am working grave so I could show up sat morning off work as long as I can find some "stiff" coffee.
  I find it interesting that the bulk of the members live close by and cant find time to gather, I would have thought that Javads shop would have some pull in keeping all of us around. I just buy from him on-line it saves a trip to Fremont, and I'm from Stockton.

81 type 81 5+5
84 CGT
85 type 85 quattro
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