[ba] Bought my first audi - 200q20v!

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Sat Jul 5 06:41:45 PDT 2008

Congratulations!  I sold mine only a few months ago, at 205,000  
miles, and If my experience was any indicator, you won't regret it.

You will *own* the G35, next time around :)


On Jul 5, 2008, at 3:53 AM, robert weinberg wrote:

> hi all,
> i figure if I'm going to buy an Audi - lets get a real Audi - i.e.  
> finicky, frustrating but sometimes very enjoyable ;-)
> i think some of you guys probably checked the car out and passed.  
> maybe for good reason too ;-)
> it's the one in Castro valley (although i bought it in Hayward)
> http://audifans.com/marketplace/show.php? 
> table=pm_audifans_Cars&id=3362
> i paid $2,800. not an awesome deal - but good enough. passed smog  
> the first time. idles and runs smooth, no leaks - new bomb, UFOs,  
> timing belt, both radiators. a/c doesn't work, trip computer/boost  
> guage doesn't work (fuse? - never that simple, i suppose). needs  
> struts and tires (might as well lower it at this point). 114,000  
> original miles - Ian checked the car fax report to confirm.
> all in all, it was as i expected - except the roof is faded.  
> interior is very clean though and the body is straight. i know what  
> I'm in for (i think) from owning a 1992 Ford Taurus SHO for the  
> last 10 years and all the fun that was to throw money at ;-)
> reasons for buying this one instead of the red one in SF is I'm  
> smitten by the low-ish miles and the red one is...well, red and it  
> has 166k on the clock.
> the owner was really cool. he actually moved to Hawaii, so i dealt  
> with his in-laws in Hayward - who were very cool too. they were  
> always honest about the car and made no pretenses about it.
> i drove it home - floaty due to the worn struts and shocks - but  
> smooth and responsive when i hit the gas. i had an Infiniti G35 on  
> my ass going from the 238 interchange to the 580. i was thinking  
> "not yet my friend - in good time - you will get yours, Mr.  
> Infiniti" ;-)
> see ya,
> Robby
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