[ba] 1991 200q20v bose stereo

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 21:06:39 PDT 2008

had the Bose recall done. two new amps. still only one rear speaker works (why - isn't the amp integral with the speaker?). and the left front side doesn't work. when i hit the fader on the deck, the sound sort of move towards the working right side, but the rears get muffled and boomy. probably bad electrolytics in the tone control circuit on the head unit.

amusingly enough, the CD changer works PERFECTLY! LOL!

eh, I'm a home audiophile anyway (vintage tube McIntosh amps, etc.) - Bose sucks ;-)

from what i heard of the speakers that do work, it's that typical Bose bloated tubby bass sound. I'm not much of a car audiophile though, but i will need a decently functioning stereo.

so, i do have a nice $300 Clarion head unit from my old Taurus SHO. I'll throw that in and run the rest of the system off it as well.

what size speakers do i get for the rears, the door panels and the dash?

anyway, do you have to remove the entire door panel to remove the bose speaker/amps? or just the grill (does the grill even come off?)

and most importantly, where is a reasonably priced bay area shop that won't butcher the car for a stereo install?



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