[ba] Shall we make Kal's an institution?

Chris Maresca ckm at crust.net
Wed Mar 5 22:53:58 PST 2008

PS.  I'll be coming from SF.   There are advantages to owning the 
company.... ;-) Not many, actually, as I have found out.


urq wrote:
> OK ... I tossed out my tuppence ... but it is certainly open to discussion.
> Perhaps we do Kal's every second or third month and do something else the
> other one or two.  I know Arun had an idea of a place up near Pixar a LONG
> time ago ... what are the hot spots in other corners of our little paradise
> for Audi fans?  
> If you could find a place on the southern end of SF I might be able to make
> it up there once every few months ... How about Pacifica?  Alice's?  Ahhh,
> there are advantages to being a contractor!  :-)
> Great discussion ... keep it up!
> Steve
> ... and while I'm here ... my apologies Marc ... funny, when I was typing it
> in I had a feeling it was wrong ... 
> -----Original Message-----
> Doesn't work for SF-area folks (hint hint).
> On Feb 27, 2008, at 12:30 PM, urq wrote:
>> Mark, If you post it they will come!  :-)
>> How about we institutionalize 11:45AM on the first Thursday of every  
>> month as a standard time for lunch at Kal's?  More often than not I  
>> will probably be on 2 wheels (I still have the k1, but while it is  
>> getting restored I have a K1200RS getting me around).  I will make a  
>> point to have DA222 there next week ... hopefully I can wash it over  
>> the weekend!  I must say it is so good to have the urq to drive  
>> around ... even in traffic!  Hey, maybe I won't show up on a  
>> Beemer ...
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