[ba] Shall we make Kal's an institution?

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sat Mar 8 13:27:52 PST 2008

Well, the 6 of us met on Thursday ... Chris was talking about places we
could meet closer to San Francisco ... I don't think we ID'd a location.
Where would you like to meet?  There was one time I met Justusson at SFO as
he was passing through.  We actually were able to drive from the airport to
Devil's Slide area quite quickly.  I would bet that there are some nice
meeting places in Pacifica which might be a good compromise. 

I did a quick search ... found a fish & chips place called Camelot F&C, 70 W
Manor Dr, Pacifica ... right of 1 near the beach ... anyone hear of it?
Reviews seem promising ... reasonable prices ... looks like there's a big
parking lot nearby.  

Steve B

P.S. for Jeff H ... It would be great to see you some day too.  I've found
it isn't too difficult to get to San Rafael where 580 dumps into the wharf
area ... would you be able to make it there?  If the day and time were right
I'd give that a shot.  I was born in San Rafael ... but I don't get back
there often.  There was a great burger place right off 101 ... perhaps 4th
Street?  It was a drive in ... probably gone now ... 

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Yes, and hell no.  I like working in SF and living in the East Bay  
just fine, thank you :)

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