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Well, that is a bummer ... I might be interested should a spot opened up in your shop ... where is it located?  Do all of you use the space for business or is it personal use?  Funny, I'm not at all aware of the 6+ other similar operations or the Dream Garage ... 

A long time ago I thought it might be a money maker to buy an old gas station which had a lift and an alignment rack and rent space to people who wanted to come in and work on their own cars ... figured it would be too much of a PITA to have to deal with the general public ... 

Thanks for the info Chris!


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I used to have a spot in something similar.  Me and 5 others left and 
rented our own shop space.   There are at least 6 other similar 
facilities in the Bay Area, the most famous one being Dream Garage.

There are two problems with this sort of thing.  Either it's way too 
expensive (like $1500/month for one car) or its so cheap that the wrong 
kind of people wind up there and there are all sorts of problems.

We solved it by splitting a 3000 sq. ft. warehouse between 5 friends.  
We now have a fully equipped machine shop and fabrication facilities.  
Just about the only thing we can't do is paint, but there is a paint 
shop next door to us...


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