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k1drbar k1drbar at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 22 00:06:45 PDT 2008

Thanks Chris!  Colma is considerably out of the way for me ... oh that a
group could get together and do something similar in the south bay (nudge,
nudge!)  Industrial space goes for a reasonable price nowadays ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Steven B wrote:
> Well, that is a bummer ... I might be interested should a spot opened up
in your shop ... where is it located?  Do all of you use the space for
business or is it personal use?  Funny, I'm not at all aware of the 6+ other
similar operations or the Dream Garage ... 
It's in Colma, no business use allowed.   We don't really have an 
opening, but I'll keep you in mind if we do.
> A long time ago I thought it might be a money maker to buy an old gas
station which had a lift and an alignment rack and rent space to people who
wanted to come in and work on their own cars ... figured it would be too
much of a PITA to have to deal with the general public ... 
Insurance will kill you in that case....


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