[ba] Lunch @ Kals, Thursday 9/4, 11:45

Steven B urq222 at ymail.com
Thu Sep 4 09:08:12 PDT 2008

I'll be there too ... but with traffic this morning I couldn't convince myself to take the urq ... so I'll be on 2 wheels.  

I have confirmation that Wallace and Sia will be there ... 


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Looks like I'll be able to make it, unless something comes up at work in the next few hours this morning.
I'll be driving our A4 wagon, as it is too hot for the AC-less coupe/quattro/S2/turbo/thing.

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> .... well, it sounds like Sia and Wallace will be able to be
> there on Thursday ... 
> What time shall we plan to meet?  11:45 sound good?  
> I'm hoping that we can talk about some sort of group
> gathering soon.  I know that the NorCal Audi Club is
> considering a G2G up in the Stevens Creek Reservoir area,
> but I don't know when.  Sia also told me that they get
> together for Karting on a regular basis.  I haven't been
> Karting since SpeedRing went away ... 
> For those who will not be able to make it you can feel free
> to post your thoughts on things to do ... especially if you
> know of any events coming up which may be of general
> interest.  Have many folks on the ba-audifans group
> participated in NorCal Audi Club events before?
> For those who would like to attend but don't know where
> Kal's is:
> http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=21337851&csz=Sunnyvale%2C+CA+94085
> Steve B
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