[ba] Fun with the 200q20v this weekend

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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Yup 3B is such a great motor.  Mine is somewhat RS2'd (turbo, EM, software
(for 3B not AAN which would be close to 30 psi so only about 24 psi) in my
'84 urquattro - mucho fun.
Sounds better than the 1.8T, too.


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hi all,

Ian and his girlfriend came up to Oakland in his lightly modded 2003 A4 1.8T
quattro (chip and suspension).

we decided to have some fun, so we did a quick 10 mile loop or so. went up
Shepard canyon to skyline. skipped over skyline to pinehurst and flogged the
cars through to redwood road and ended up back at Joaquin miller park.

and had a beer at corgans in montclair village.

the was the first time that i really had a chance to see if A. i was insane
for buying the 200q20v. 2. if i was even more insane to dump more money in
good used koni/H&R on it. 3. to see how the thing would attack the twisties.
other than some freeway fun, i really hadn't "driven" the car.

well, coupled with Ian's intended acceleration stage 3+ ECU (280HP), the
suspension and the 034 billet bypass (next up is to install the used samco
hoses), the car is so damn enjoyable to fling around!

i had a blast. just an incredible piece of machinery. I'm sort of a frisky
driver and am competent, but not all out insane. i could tell the car had a
lot more in it but i wasn't man enough to fully explore it's limits.
probably for the best considering all the cyclists on the road ;-)

i knew the engine and drivetrain were top notch. the boost is just
intoxicating. but what really surprised me is the composure of the type 44
chassis. absolutely no shake, rattle and roll - just great feedback and
immediate turn in response. 

for a fairly big car, the beast just eats up the curves. all you have to do
is keep your foot planted and HOLD ON!

anywho, had a great time. no doubt the 3B would be even more fun in a UR
Quattro, coupe quattro or 4000CS, but to say the 200q20v is just a big boat
is far from the truth.

the 200q20v was, is and always will be one bad mofo ;-)

see ya,

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