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k1drbar k1drbar at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 10 21:24:49 PDT 2009

Thanks for the report!  I love the roads out in that area ... and Dillon
Beach is such a wonderful destination!

Funny thing is that I just got back from a run in the urq ... looks like the
overheat problem was due to the radiator.  Since the new motor was installed
the coolant was looking quite rusty, so I ran some cooling system flush in
it, bottle says to run the engine for 2-3 hours ... 

For me, I did a sunset drive out San Felipe Road (highly recommended if you
aren't familiar with it), and then did a mellow freeway loop to get a total
of an hour's run time in ... 

Steve Buchholz

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and it didn't break down! LOL!

seriously though, my wife and i took the ol' 20V out on quite a nice little
jaunt. we went from oakland (ca) to petaluma for lunch. then took some
wonderful roads down to dillon beach at the edge of tomales bay. then,
rolled down highway 1 to nicasio to lucas valley (past skywalker ranch for
you george lucas fans) to marinwood. and back home to oakland.

the 200q20v performed flawlessly. i really didn't open her up too much as we
were more in a mellow mood and anytime i got really into the boost, my wife
would freak out ;-)

but, she's got the juice (the car), that's for sure. last dyno was
233whp/260ft. lbs. torque to the wheels (about 275HP/305 torque at the
crank) with the 034 stage I chip. 034 said could have tuned it even more
aggressive, but they said the little K24 wouldn't stand a chance over the
long haul.

coupled with the koni shocks/H&R springs, the car was really egging me to
flog it. but given the rather intense concentration of cops around those
roads lately, i decided to just cruise. the car is SO quiet and mellow. just
the subtle whirl of the turbo from time to time. just a joy to drive.

see ya,

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