[ba] [UPG NorCal] Proposed Route For Quattro Drive on Sunday

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 12 08:58:48 PDT 2009

I sat down with google maps this morning to put what I was thinking about for Sunday’s NorCal UPG Quattro Drive route.  You can check it out at:




The start point is a big parking lot of the former HD Supply (I need to go by to see if there’s anything there now) near the Patelco Credit Union.  Google claims the drive will take 2 hours.  The roads are not likely to have much traffic, and there are points to join in or bail out along the way.  I have driven Sierra Road, Calaveras Road and Palomares Canyon Road and will like to drive them again.  


The route isn’t final in any way, so please look it over and let me know if you have any suggestions for changes.  


I’m recommending that we hit the road from the start point at 10AM Sunday.  


Please let me know if you plan to be at 034 Motorsport this Sunday (whether or not you will be doing the drive) so I can know how much food to buy.


Steve Buchholz





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